Flowering Snowball (& More) at Honey Bee Quilt Store Posted by: Angela Short on March 5, 2015 at 8:31AM

I've been holding off publishing this blog entry because by the time I first wrote it, the Flowering Snowball & More template which was available at Honey Bee Quilt Store had already sold out! I'm happy to report that they're back in stock and I can finally share this blog article with you...

Here at Cut Sew Quick, Honey Bee Quilt Store holds a special place in our hearts. One day, Dianne Ferguson, owner of Honey Bee (as we locals call it), expressed a need for apple core and tumbler templates. I mentioned to her that I could make those and as the saying goes, the rest is history. (That's also the perfect thing to say when I can't remember enough details to a story or I'm trying to make a long story short.) In September of 2014, Honey Bee Quilt Store became our first wholesale account. We produced apple cores and tumblers which were engraved with Honey Bee's branding on a light violet (some call it pink) matte acrylic. They soon began to carry our Contrast Viewers and Sewing Machine Guides as well.

One day while we were at Honey Bee, we started talking with an employee, Catherine Cureton, about flowering snowball quilts which she had seen on Pinterest. She was having trouble finding a flowering snowball template set which finished at 9½ inches, so we made her a prototype.

After providing a simple prototype, I got to work on making improvements to it. I added marking holes to make it easier to piece, as well as a bunch of extra markings that turned the template into what it is today, a Flowering Snowball & More template set. Meanwhile, Catherine was so excited to make a flowering snowball quilt and it wasn't long before she pieced it, quilted it herself, and brought it into the shop.

Our excitement grew, as did theirs, and somewhere in the midst of that time frame Dianne placed an order. She wanted it in time for QuiltCon 2015, so we got right on it and delivered the order on February 13th, within plenty of time for QuiltCon. (Honey Bee didn't have a booth this time; instead, some of the ladies helped out at the HandiQuilter and Aurifil booths.)

On Valentine's Day, Honey Bee hosted an event with Alex Veronelli of Aurifil which we attended. (It was so much fun too. Dan said it was like watching a real life How It's Made episode.) When we walked just a few feet into the shop this is exactly what I saw. I just had to take a photo. Catherine's beautiful flowering snowball quilt is now hanging up near the front of the shop!

If you've fallen in love with this quilt, Honey Bee has a quilt kit available using the same fabrics that Catherine used in her quilt. The kits are conveniently displayed alongside the templates. You can purchase Honey Bee's Flowering Snowball & More template set online or at their store in Austin, Texas.