Binding Calculator

This calculator will tell you how much fabric you need to bind a quilt, and exactly how many strips you need to cut.


Complete the fields to the left to calculate the amount of fabric needed to bind your quilt.

Enter the width and length of your finished quilt, as well as the width of the binding strips you wish to use. You'll need some overage in order to piece the final join of the binding, typically 10-12 inches is recommended.

Once you click the Calculate button, you will see 2 calculations. First is the Desired Binding, which is how much binding you would like to have. Second is the Pieced Binding, which is how much binding you'll actually get from the number of strips required to make your desired amount.

Tip: Because you may end up with more binding as a result of the number of cut strips, you may want to adjust the Overage amount or set it to zero as not to require an additional strip.

Binding Calculator