Martha Thompson's Apple Core Quilts Posted by: Angela Short on February 27, 2015 at 2:40PM

How time has flown by the last couple of months! This blog post is really long overdue, but the intent was never forgotten, so here goes... 

In early January I received an email from Martha Thompson, who happens to be an author of a few books on quilting. Her email began with, "Hello, I bought your apple core templates from the Honey Bee on Wednesday, made a quilt on Thursday and am starting another one today. What fun! Your templates are perfect." Naturally, her email made my day.

Not long after our initial email exchange, Martha sent an email with the photos in this blog post and gave her permission to share them. So, here they are!

The fabric Martha used was Moda's 3 Sisters line called Printemps. The larger quilt was made from a 10" Apple Core template for a new baby. The smaller quilt was made from a 5" Apple Core template for the baby's sister to use for her dolly. In both quilts, Martha used halved apple cores to create a light contrasting border which squared up the quilts nicely. Too cute!

Dan and I went to visit Martha a couple weeks later. We got to meet her husband Chris, see some of her lovely quilting, and enjoy some freshly baked cookies too. It was such a pleasure meeting with her (and not just because Martha makes an awesome chocolate chip cookie either). The conversation we had was insightful and Martha's feedback on our products was truly appreciated.

It's always great to hear how people are using our products. Feedback helps us make sure we do what we can to produce the most useful tools that we can.

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