Gretchen's Flowering Snowball Quilt at Orange Quilt Bee Posted by: Angela Buraglia on April 27, 2015 at 1:26PM

Gretchen, Orange Quilt Bee's resident gadget girl, has completed her first quilt using our Flowering Snowball & More template and we've been given permission to share pictures with you! (Fine, you caught me... It's actually just one photo, but I've cropped it so you can see parts of it up close more easily.)

Gretchen chose darker fabrics for the Part B's and lighter fabrics for the Part C's, with a black Part A's in the centers. Her fabric choices for the Part B's reminded both Dan and me of men's neck ties. The combination of the smaller tan-olive-tan inner border with the dark outermost border, gives this quilt a masculine appeal. Dan was seriously impressed and could see himself having a quilt like this one. It isn't very often that Dan sees a quilt that he would want for his own, so that's saying a lot.

From the look of it, Gretchen has already started on a contrasting version of the quilt. Four blocks hang on the design wall alongside the completed quilt. Those four blocks give focus to the Part C's by using darker fabrics. Part B is done in lighter tones, while the Part A's in the centers appear to use the same fabrics as Part C's. We're looking forward to seeing this quilt completed!

Along with the photo of Gretchen's quilt, Lisa wrote to say, "We are scheduling a class for next month", so be sure to contact Orange Quilt Bee for more information.