Flowering Snowball & More! Posted by: Angela Short on February 1, 2015 at 10:30PM

Flowering Snowball & More by Cut Sew QuickWe're so very excited about our brand new template set, Flowering Snowball & More! Admittedly, perhaps a little too excited. It's not every day we get to introduce an all new quilt block. We've been waiting for this moment for about a month now, so the anticipation has been building for us. We finally get to share it! 

The Backstory

While researching Flowering Snowball blocks, I stumbled upon a somewhat similar block called a Royal Cross. (It took a lot of searching to find its name. So if you try to find it online, you won't find but a handful of pictures of it. We may write up instructions for that block or provide a template to make it, but right now let's get back to the story.) Seeing that block inspired me to get creative and add some lines to our Flowering Snowball templates so that you can make some fun new quilt blocks that we've never seen before anywhere else. (We looked and looked to no avail.)

Now you know why we've named the template Flowering Snowball & More; you can do so much more than just a Flowering Snowball.

Introducing the Exploding Flowering Snowball 

Exploding Flowering Snowball blockWhen you take advantage of every line on the Flowering Snowball & More template set, you can create this crazy fun quilt block which we've named Exploding Flowering Snowball. We've put together some pictures and shared them in our galleries to help you see its potential too.

Please let us know what you think of the Exploding Flowering Snowball in the comments; we'd love your feedback.

Okay, do you see what we see? We see a lot of potential for different blocks that follow the same core shape of the Flowering Snowball block. We have already come up with a bunch of examples and we'll be sharing those little by little over the next few weeks.

Why wait? Why not show you now? Well, we like to keep things organized around here and there's a little detail that's making it hard for us to share them with you yet... These blocks don't have official names, and that's just plain sad. Variation A, Variation B, Variation C, etc., just doesn't roll off the tongue. There are loads of quilt blocks out there which look similar to each other and they all have their own names, so why not these blocks? They each deserve their own names too, don't you think?

To solve this little issue, we've decided to hold a contest to help us name the various blocks that can be made with our Flowering Snowball & More template set. We haven't worked out the details yet, but we will get it figured out and get that rolling along soon.

In the meantime, please be sure to scroll down to the footer of our website and pick the ways you'd like to keep up with us. We'll be making contest announcements via social media and here on our website. Stay tuned!