Button Ideas Posted by: Angela Short on January 28, 2015 at 9:00PM

1 dozen transparent red acrylic heart buttonsWasting food, water, or fabric is something we try to avoid in our daily lives. I'll take leftovers and turn them into something new, just so they don't get thrown out. We try to avoid running water when it isn't being actively used and when we do run water we try not to run it at full pressure. Any fabric scraps which I can't use, are collected in a bag and donated to a local quilt shop who then turns it into filler for dog beds which are donated to a local animal shelter.

So when it comes to Cut Sew Quick, we want to do our best at reducing waste as well. We try to use up every last bit of scrap acrylic that we can. We'll often use scrap acrylic for making test cuts to ensure we have all our settings accurate and consistent along our entire product line. There are some areas that are so small and irregularly shaped that it's hard to do anything with them, especially after a product has been cut from the sheet of acrylic. In other words, it is sometimes easier to make use of these oddly shaped spaces before it technically becomes scrap -- so that we cut out products and make use of the scrap all at once.

That's where buttons come in! Whenever we cut our Contrast Viewers we cut buttons in between the lenses (where your nose would be). The odd bits of space left behind by cutting out the Red Contrast Viewer is used to cut hearts or the shape of Texas. When we cut the Green Contrast viewer, we also cut pine trees out of that sheet.

We're working on more designs to fill those scrappy gaps. So far we've added leaves and shamrocks to our list of future buttons.

If you have any ideas for red or green buttons, please let us know in the comments and we'll consider adding them to our To-Do list.