• Mini Crosshatch & Ditch Longarm Ruler

Mini Crosshatch & Ditch Longarm Ruler

$ 9.99

Who doesn’t love versatility? Our longarm rulers are designed with versatility in mind. Need to stitch in a ditch? We’ve got you covered. Do a little cross-hatching? Yep. Do a little measured traveling in a quilt? Definitely. Framing a block? Absolutely. Echoing straight-edged shapes or designs? Certainly.

The Mini Crosshatch & Ditch ruler can be held easily with one hand and is great for traveling short distances and doing detailed work.

  • With both ¼" and ½" ditch guides, you'll be sure to get your stitches in just the right spot every time.
  • Markings spaced at every ⅛" intervals along both the left and right ends helps you get everything lined up perfectly.
  • Perfectly aligned ¼" diagonal markings cover the entire center of the ruler, making it easy to create a perfect 45° angle for all of your crosshatching needs.
  • At the center of the ditch on either side is a 1" span of ¼" markings for quick and easy measuring as you're quilting. No more picking up another ruler to check your measurements!

The unique arrangement of markings on this Cut Sew Quick Crosshatch & Ditch ruler make it an unparalleled tool for any longarm ruler work.

Total product size: 3.5" x 3"

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