• 2½” Tumbler Template
  • Example: Tumbler Layout
  • Example A: Two Color Quilt w/ Angled Side Edges & Binding
  • Example B: Four Color Quilt w/ Angled Side Edges & Binding
  • Example C: Straight Side Edges Achieved w/ Halved Tumblers Shown w/ Triple Border

Other Sizes Available

2½” Tumbler Template

$ 4.99

 Product Template Size Fits on Precut
2½” Tumbler 2½” by 2½” Quilter's Candy or Jelly Roll

Named for its resemblance to the beverage glass known as a tumbler, this template makes creating one-patch quilt blocks a snap. Assembling tumblers is made easier by providing marking holes at the four "corner" points. Our tumbler templates feature horizontal and vertical centering lines to help with fussy cutting or aligning stripes. You can even use those same lines to center a seam of two already joined fabrics. To help you square off the rows of the quilt, use the tick marks which are located ¼" from the center line (which gives you that important quarter inch seam allowance), to cut pieces that are half the size of the tumbler.

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