• Flowering Snowball & More Set
  • Part A
  • Part B
  • Part C
  • Example: Flowering Snowball Block Layout
  • Example: Exploding Flowering Snowball - Making use of every line on the Flowering Snowball template set.
  • Example A: Flowering Snowball, each part in its own color w/ focus on Part C, w/ double border.
  • Example B: Flowering Snowball, each part in its own color w/ focus on Part B, w/ double border.
  • Example C: Flowering Snowball, w/ 4 colors used for Part C, w/ double border
  • Example D: Flowering Snowball, 2 blocks with the same 5 colors just applied differently, w/ double border
  • Example E: Exploding Flowering Snowball Block - shown with alternating pieces colored in
  • Example F: Exploding Flowering Snowball quilt
  • Example G: Alternating Flowering Snowball Blocks with Exploding Flowering Snowball Blocks
  • Example H: 6 ¼" Finished Blocks created From center of Exploding Flowering Snowball, shown with wide sashing and grey binding

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Flowering Snowball & More - 12” Finished

$ 22.99

Our original Flowering Snowball & More (9½” Finished) template set is now available in an even bigger block!

At 12" Finished, the larger pieces are easier to sew because the curves are gentler. Bigger quilt blocks mean bigger quilts! It also means that you can make fewer blocks to get a quilt done even quicker.

You can piece well over 175 different quilt blocks if you utilize the lines and tick marks on the templates. That's a lot of options!

Block Sizes

 Block Finished Size
Flowering Snowball Flowering Snowball Block 12” by 12”
Exploding Flowering Snowball Exploding Flowering Snowball Block 12” by 12”
Inner Square created by using optional horizontal lines on parts B & C. See Inner Square within Exploding Flowering Snowball Illustration above. Approximately
7 ⅞" by 7 ⅞


Part Sizes

The following parts are measured at their widest and tallest points, as shown in the photo. We've rounded up or down to the nearest ⅛ inch.

 Part Approximate Template Size
Part A 1¾” by 1¾”
Part B 8½” by 6½”
Part C 4¼” by 5¾”

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